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What is Hair Botox?

Hot Heads Hair Color Studio now offers Hair Botox! This service is exclusive to one of our master stylists, so please call to book a free consultation and visit. Hair Botox is a new hair treatment that helps with the shine of your hair and hair health. This hair botox treatment is an application to the roots of your hair with a compound of components that help to restore the roots.

Although the name includes Botox, there is no Botulinium Toxin in this treatment like Botox© Injections. However, this treatment can have equally amazing results for dry, unmanageable, frizzy hair. The compound has the proteins, vitamins, and collagen-creating restoration power for even damaged hair.

Hair Botox by Patricia

Our Hair Botox Service is exclusive to one of our master stylists. Please contact the salon at (561) 732-7944 to schedule a consultation and visit.

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